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Birthdate:Mar 5
Location:San Francisco, United States of America


X-23, otherwise known as Laura Kinney, is a clone. The twenty-third attempt to clone Wolverine, to be precise. Her creator, Dr. Sarah Kinney, discovered that the Y chromosome in Wolverine's genetic sample had been destroyed beyond recovery, and unbeknownst to her superiors she replaced it with a double of the X chromosome.

Needless to say, her supervisors were highly displeased.

When X-23 was 'born', she was almost immediately taken away from any humanizing influences. The facility had paid a great deal of money for a weapon, not a child, and they treated X-23 accordingly. Her bedtime stories were passages from 'The Art of War', and her room was a 10x10 padded cell.

She killed her sensei at the age of seven, when the facility's operators coated his katana with a 'triggering' agent that sent X-23 into a mindless frenzy.

At the age of 10 she was sent on her first mission, the slaughter of Presidential candidate Johnson and his family. From insertion, in the guise of a physically disabled little girl, to extraction, X-23 totaled less than 22 minutes on the ground. By the time she was thirteen, people were paying millions of dollars for her services. She was the Kingpin's premiere assassin--and she had nothing whatsoever that she called her own.

Dr. Sarah Kinney, who by this time considered X-23 her daughter, freed her, but not before being marked with the trigger scent. X-23, who Sarah called 'Laura', killed her.

Then she left to find her mother's sister and daughter, the 'cousin' whose life she'd saved by killing the man who kidnapped her. But the facility was not likely to let Laura go free any time soon. They hunted her down, again and again, from the X-mansion to the streets of New York and back again.

And then X-23, at the request of Wolverine, joined the New X-men. She was sixteen years old. Unsurprisingly, things failed to go entirely as anticipated.

X-23 is 5'6" tall, with black hair, green eyes, and adamantium-coated claws that can be extended from her hands and feet. The rest of her skeleton remains unfixed by adamantium, resulting in a healing factor that is, according to lab records, stronger than Wolverine's. She has his sense of smell, his tracking abilities, and his proficiency with martial arts, though her own style is more prone to acrobatic leaps and twists, making use of her smaller muscle mass. She has a six-pointed star-shaped scar on her palm that marks her as Captain Universe's avatar, as per X-23 canon. When she is concurrent with her version of Marvel canon (Just pre-Avengers Arena), she is 24 years old. (She is a young-seeming guest lecturer at the Academy, instead of a student.)


As of this thread, X's claws are capable of being used to pin and dispatch (that's 'kill') demons, most particularly those from the Homeward Bounder worlds. If your demon-types are also spirit housed in flesh, wherein the two are kind of separate, and it comes up in a thread or something, feel free to ping me to discuss whether or not it will work on your canon demons, too. Otherwise I will assume they only work in HB-verse. So! Do not panic!

X-23 keeps her weapons and supplies in room 1023. She may even sleep there, on occasion. Since she has it. She also has an apartment in the Tenderloin of San Francisco of the Marvelverse, and is just pre-Avengers Arena. She is part of an AU where she was only an adjunct member of X-Force and has lived in SF since before the X-men relocated there. (She moved when the school was destroyed, instead of vaguely wandering.)

X's voice sounds a lot like Clea Duvall's, particularly from her role as Stokely in The Faculty.

As of December 8, 2008, X is a member of Milliways Security (as well as head of nightclub security).

As of May 2014, X is the linked avatar of the Uni-Power/Engima Force, and has access to its powers in Milliways and in Marvel-based universes. The star scar on her palm is now gold, though it is hidden by her gloves most of the time.

Her self-chosen birthday is March 5th.


X-23 is almost impossibly difficult to trigger on any of her issues, largely because she is unaware that what happened to her is something that is traumatic. It is her version of normal. I will, however, communicate oocly if something like that does occur, though the likelihood of it is vanishingly small. Thank you.

X-23 was created by Craig Kyle and belongs to Marvel Comics. She is played in [community profile] milliways_bar for fun and no money is being made from her.

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