cutting_edgex23: ([MCX] Uniform)
It has been a very long day, and it is not over yet. Skrull are flooding the streets, the airwaves are abuzz with surrender announcements, and the X-men have been performing guerilla attacks on whatever troops they can find for hours now.

They are not making a dent. Not really.

The ships are still hovering close to the city, and while the guns haven't sounded yet, they will.

It is a waste not to use the resources at hand. That is what X thinks, at least.

And, when the Skrull begin rounding up human prisoners, she (and several of the other X-men, Wolverine, Emma, and Cyclops in particular) are proven right.

Every X-man has been deployed, and they are all tired. Worn. Someone needs to have a plan.

X, in point of fact, does. She collars Pixie--"Wait here. I will need you."--and heads through a nearby doorway.

She will be back. Shortly.

Very shortly.
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