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A meeting of minds is occasionally a metaphor

Once she catches Charles' scent in the air, it takes X only a few moments to do the rest of the work of tracking him down.

Some things should be done as quickly as possible.

Especially when they involve people being trapped in Milliways, however self-inflicted.

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He's looks up and frowns at her concentration, "Yes, X, how can I help?"
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Charles takes a sip of his tea as he go back through his recent interactions,

"Ah, the agent. I wasn't trying to frighten her. I was annoyed at how closed her mind was to anything that didn't fit her ideas of reality."
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"True, it doesn't. It was badly done of me,"

Though that young agent wasn't acting terribly mature either but he's not going to bring that up.
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"Thank you and I'd be glad to speak with her,"

He does try to not be like that but he also does get impatient and annoyed at times, he knows he's not perfect.
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"Yes, it is. Will you find her or should I come with you?"
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By this time, Hill is seated at the Bar.

Her favorite brew appears, which she dismisses with a small wave.

Better to be clear-headed.

She's pouring cream into a mug of coffee when X-23 returns.

(The mug, sadly, does not say "WORLD'S GREATEST AGENT".)
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She arches an eyebrow.

And has a sip of coffee; no sense in letting it go to waste.


Getting to her feet, she turns in X-23's direction and nods.

"Lead the way."
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Hill won't begrudge her the silence.

It's not the best time for idle chit-chat anyway.

Eventually, they reach someone matching the description Hill was given.

"Charles Xavier?"
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He stands up to meet her, extending his hand, "Yes, you must be Maria Hill."
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Hill gives his hand a firm shake.

"Agent Maria Hill, S.H.I.E.L.D.."

Just to be clear.

She takes an open seat.

"Do you prefer Professor Xavier or Charles?"
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"Here I prefer Charles. Would you like some tea?"

Once she's seated, he sits down as well.
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"No, thank you."

She sizes him up, but is careful to keep her demeanor relaxed.

(And her thoughts PG rated.)

"I want to begin by apologizing on behalf of SHIELD and Agent Simmons for any actions that may have been interpreted poorly. I don't want you to feel like this is an interrogation."

That gets the bureaucratic niceties out of the way.

"That having been said, I don't take kindly to people who make my agents feel threatened."
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"That wasn't my intent though I can see how it came about. I didn't mean to scare her as much as I apparently did. But I didn't appreciate how dismissive she was being of everything in Milliways she couldn't understand. Instead of thinking that perhaps her assumptions might be wrong, she presumed that clearly everyone here is mad or stupid. It annoyed me and I reacted foolishly to it. I apologize for that,"

He's looking her in the eyes, sincere and regretful. As a teacher and scientist, Simmons' behavior bothered him.
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Her eyes narrow in thought.

It's slight, but there.

"Agent Simmons is new to Milliways, and in her field is regarded as one of the best up-and-comings we've got. Adjusting to the way things are here will take time."

She's young and incredibly bright; those aren't always the best assets.

"While I appreciate the apology, I'd feel more comfortable with an assurance that you won't invade any of my agents' thoughts without their express permission in the future."
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Before he answers her, he takes a breath since he knows his first instinct won't be helpful.

This is not the time to explain how his telepathy works, "Who are your agents that I may know to put up stronger filters around them?"
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She watches and waits.

His choice of words is noted, and carefully filed away.

"They'll identify themselves as SHIELD if and when they feel comfortable. The problem, Charles, is that many of the agents here are working in covert operations. Their privacy is vital."
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"I understand that. I'm currently working with the CIA, your levels of paranoia are familiar and I know how important it is to be secret and safe,"

Its part of what he's had to do his entire life, even here he's careful about who he tells.
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"I'm glad we can reach an understanding."


"Similarly, I'm sure you understand more than most that for people with our levels of paranoia compromising personal information isn't just a breach of privacy, but a danger to us and our teammates."

She folds her hands together.

"While Agent Simmons may be new here, I would hope you'd understand how something as simple as using her name can cause a great deal anxiety."
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"I do, yes. Fear isn't helpful, it gets in the way. It won't happen again,"

There are other things he would like to say but this woman wants his apology and promise that he won't cause trouble. He can give that easily, now isn't the time to point out that her young agent was being insulting.
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She watches him for a few moments.

And nods.

"That's all I want."

Hill will speak to Simmons, but she'll do so when and how she sees fit.

"Although, the apology I said wasn't necessary? Might be better directed to Simmons personally."
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"What form do you think would be wisest? I can write her or a letter or speak to her though I would prefer that done with someone else there,"

Since if he is going to have another conversation with that agent, if there's someone else there, it will be of help to him.
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Hill weighs the options, knowing what she would suggest.

She turns to X-23 instead.

As a member of security who has a broader working knowledge of all parties involved, she values her input.
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"That seems wise. Would you like me to give you a copy as well, Agent Hill?"

He can easily make a carbon or ask Bar to make a copy for him.
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She nods once in response to X-23's answer.

Turning back to Charles, her expression is all professional courtesy.

"That won't be necessary. How you conduct your personal relationships is outside my purview so long as my agents are safe."

Big Brother may be watching, but frankly Hill has more important things to do.

Besides, she'll be following up with Jemma once the matter is settled.
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"Then I'll make certain that you get one, X and I hope there won't be a need for more explanations,"

That would be annoying.
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She's growing into a respect for the Security here, X-23 most of all.

"Be my guest," she nods, smiling minutely.

It would make life easier if they could all work together.

Standing, she holds her hand out to Xavier.

"Professor Xavier, Charles."

He'll be on her radar. As much as this instance is little more than a personality clash, an ego like his bears watching.

"Thank you for your time. I hope you'll feel comfortable speaking with me again in the future, particularly if there are any questions or conflicts I can address for you."

Otherwise, she'll find you.