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X's days have a pattern to them. She wakes early, before 5 am, and goes for a run. It is also a useful time to do reconnaissance, making sure that nothing happened to her neighbors overnight. She stops at the diner at 6:30 for pancakes and milk. Pam is there every day but Tuesday. She cannot get a babysitter for her daughter. She is looking forward to when Kelsey goes to school.

By eight Mr Simmons is awake and grumbling about needing better coffee. X does not understand why he will not purchase a new machine. Or better coffee. Sometimes he yells up the stairwell at her--questions about rent or a leak in the roof. X does not yell back. She will bring him lunch, later, and he will ask more questions. Some of them she will be able to answer. He likes to talk about classic cinema, blues music, and France. His son lives there and does not call very often. Sometimes there are e-mails.

In the afternoons X travels the city, carefully quartering each neighborhood and making note of travel times by foot, by public transportation, and across rooftops. It is better to be prepared. One day she will need to run again.

She is halfway back to her apartment when her cell phone rings.

It is not Susannah on the other line.

Fifteen minutes later, full duffel bag slung over her shoulder, X slips through the access door to the roof and waits for Angel to arrive.

The Purifiers have Rahne. A two-person team is not enough to be useful.

X-Force needs her.

And today, in this situation--

X-23 is okay with that.
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