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This mission should be ordinary. Locate the targets and bring them in for questioning and safekeeping.

It is something X-Force has done over and over and over again since they were re-founded.

But considering their targets are Hope Summers -- the first mutant born since M-day, time traveler and so-called mutant messiah extraordinaire -- and Cable, nothing is ever as simple as it appears.

For one, they run. From the X-men.

For another, someone else knows they're back from the future. Whoever it is wants to eliminate them. It is not Bishop. It may even be Bastion, which is worse than anyone else that it could be, combined.

And they are running out of time.

Matters come to a head in the gutted remains of an old building. There is gunfire and screaming. People die. But Cable and Hope are safe.

The mission parameters have been fulfilled.

X and her team return to the Marin Headlands. But their work isn't really finished.

Their enemies have always been very bad at letting things go.
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