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It takes X a while to feel comfortable with her plans for expanding the number of inhabitants in her fish tank. Appropriate plants need to be purchased, the proper temperatures and lighting conditions need to be determined -- the chances of fish cohabiting peacefully with a betta fish need to be considered. But after several weeks of reading books, looking at websites, and interviewing several aquarium-keepers exhaustively, X is prepared to move to the next step.

Purchasing fish.

There is an semi-optimal order to the additions, and X follows it stringently. Twice she has to return fish because they do not get along with Logan. It is unfortunate but not surprising. He can be very cranky.

The first fish that stays is a Neon Tetra. Anole dubs him 'Cap'.

This is followed by Stark, Carol, Wasp, and Pym.

After the first two, the theme seemed logical.

No one is surprised when, less than a week after the last fish is settled in the tank, someone sticks a post-it note to the lower corner of the tank reading 'Avengers Assemble'.

The fact that X leaves the post-it right where it is --

No one seems surprised about that, either.
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