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Enemy of the State

A weekend trip to visit the petrified forest seemed like just the thing, though unfortunately one is often obliged to take pit stops during a road trip.

This is perhaps not the fanciest gas station and shopping complex in the area, but it's close and the people in it seem happy.

X will take it.

Hopefully Thor also does not mind.
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Thor is good with pit stops! That's where the food lives! Whether it's a genuinely delicious feast or a Well That Sure Is A Culinary Tradition You Have Here cultural experience, it's always an interesting break in travel.

Plus, honestly, very little on Earth is fancy by his standards, but nearly everything is a tourist experience.

Accordingly: he follows gamely along after X.
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Thor can smile! And chat (with light recreational flirtation) with waitstaff, and so forth. This is all well within his skill set.

"I will consult these brochures," he says comfortably.

You never know! Sometimes there are fascinating cultural sites to visit, like giant balls of rope or local culinary specialties or quaint festivals or advanced-to-the-locals technological wonders! Earth gas stations and diners seem well supplied with little paper pamphlets about these things. (Paper! It's adorable.)

"But I have no plan currently."
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Thor has never in his life felt that perhaps he wasn't allowed to have an opinion and voice it, but he accepts this reassurance equably. It's good to know that X doesn't have a set schedule in mind.

He gets a stack of pancakes, and something called a country skillet, which involves a respectable heap of various kinds of fried meat and eggs and starches and gravy. And coffee!

The waitress raises her eyebrows at the quantity of food the two occupants of this table are planning to put away. Then she takes another look at Thor's biceps and shrugs. Thor gives her a sunny smile of imperturbable cheer.

Then he goes in search of brochures.
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Thor has never been to an American county fair, though he's certainly been to agricultural festivals of various sorts. But he'd happily go!

Meanwhile, he's perusing a flyer for something called a Renaissance Faire. It looks to contain trials of martial accomplishment, like jousting! Not to mention the sale of clothing, ale, and many turkey legs. It looks like it might be fun, actually.

The coffee is delicious, as always -- not the best he's had, but quite good -- and in a plain white mug that reminds him of Isabella and her diner in Puente Antiguo. Is there a Puente Antiguo in X's world? Is there an Isabella there? He's never thought to ask.

Because he's Thor, he regards his mug for a moment, and then asks: "Is there a town called Puente Antiguo in this state?"
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Thor considers for a moment.

It's a good question, really.

"It's where I landed before. On my own world's Midgard."

"There are good people there. In my own world, I would want to greet them. But here, they wouldn't know me, I think."

He would also, if this were his own world, want to see how the town rebuilt. See the healing, the stores intact and repaired, the people unharmed; accept the weight of the stores closed, the damage unfixable, the people who left homes that no longer seemed safe, after a fight between two Asgardian brothers tore through their lives.

But it's not his own world, and that fight probably didn't happen either. The Thor Odinson of this world has different ties to Midgard. So he's not sure yet if he wants to, or what good it would serve.
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Thor nods.

In his world, he would want to go there, without hesitation. But here, where they don't know him, and the state of the town will say nothing about the aftermath of Loki's Destroyer? Who would it serve? Anyone at all? He'll think on it.

"Perhaps another time," is what he says, and has another (large) bite of pancakes. Mmm, pancakes.
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You know what? Thor doesn't exactly need the comforting, but he's not going to say no to the prospect of hanging out for a while with teeny mortal animals and small children.

Especially since he knows X is a fan of them too.

So he grins at X. "Very well. Let us see this petting zoo."

The Allspeech gives him the general gist -- it seems pretty self-explanatory -- but he's never been to one. What kinds of things do they have? If it's going to be interesting to people there have to be various species large enough for both kids and adults to ride, probably, so that'll be fun to watch. (Thor, you are doomed to disappointment, but you can probably watch a tiny kid sitting uncertainly on a patiently sleepy pony or something.)
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"Then we shall have pie!"

He's learned enough of Earth diner manners that he doesn't slap the table or bellow that, but it's a close thing for a second. Feasts are important! Friends having things they like is also important!
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"And another for me."

He'd like lingonberry or cloudberry, but those didn't seem to be on the menu. And peanut butter's exotic and all, but cherry's always a solid choice.

So: pie!

But first, he'll chow down on the rest of this heap of food, to make table room.