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San Francisco with Dick!

Fisherman's Wharf is a nice place. Crowded, but nice. There are a lot of people, and it is a good place to pretend to be normal.

To practice blending in, as it were.

And also, at this particular moment, to go see the Musée Mécanique. Because 19th century penny arcade games are great.

And X has been told it is fun.
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X has been told by Dick that it is fun, and Dick only knows from looking at a leaflet. But here he is, a loose sweater over his cast, a handful of pennies in his pocket, and a big grin on his face.

Blending in like a pro.
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"Once or twice," Dick says. He's adopted a kind of swinging gait, scuffing his heel on the ground as he walks. He even has a hand in his pocket - though that's his right hand, so it wouldn't be much use anyway, and he's walking to X's left so his fully functional left hand is free.

Not that there's any reason he'd need it free.

"Some small towns still had them in their arcades alongside the space-invaders and pinball. If I got a night off I might come see if it wasn't crawling with rubes."

The problem with arcades, in Dick's experience, was they tended to be places for local kids to get territorial.
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Dick wrinkles his nose in thought, and shrugs.

"It's alright. I dunno, I'm not a huge video games fan," (his counterpart would be devastated) "These things have more soul."

They feel more circusy, even if they aren't.
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Well, the immediate answer would be 'what?' But Dick isn't a normal kid and X is even further away, so he doesn't give the immediate answer.

"If they were given intelligence by some magician or a scientist or something, sure. But like - not if they're just, y'know, machines."
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"That one definitely would," Dick says, pointing at an animatronic mannequin that kind of reminds him of Scarface. "I think that one would be stuck on angry."
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"S'pose," Dick says, "We had a fortuneteller as a sideshow. She was better than those."
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Dick tilts his head up at her, and quirks a small smile as he rummages in his pocket, eventually producing a quarter.

"You do it."
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Dick stands on his toes to peer over at the paper as she reads it.

"That's not even a fortune."