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X-23 ([personal profile] cutting_edgex23) wrote2013-10-01 06:16 pm

Counting up my demons

As X and Elle make their way out of Milliways' front door and into the elevator X left a few months ago, X's hand in Elle's isn't sweaty -- yet. Her grip, however, is just this side of too-tight.

Some things are worse than Hell, even with practice. Even with respirators, in fact, because neither Elle nor X are stupid enough to try this without them.

The intercom clicks off into silence as the elevator doors slide open.


Chaos greets them, aerosolized trigger scent filling the air just ahead of the sudden snarls from men, women, and children overtaken by the chemical mixture.

Their eyes all glow red -- and they pounce. On each other.

Soon there will undoubtedly be blood.


X's voice rings out over the shrieking throng.

"Logan! Stop them from hurting each other!"

It isn't as if either of the other X-men need such commands, but -- it is important for them to know she is okay.

And she is okay. For now.

In the meantime, she and Elle put their plan to work. X keeps the enraged civilians from attacking Elle as they move toward first the air purification systems -- the better to turn them off and prevent the trigger scent from reaching street level -- then the fire suppression system. Electromagnetic powers makes turning rusted valves and stalling whirring fanblades into a significantly easier exercise than trying to find the relevant scaffolding.

Washing the trigger scent into the sewers might mean bad things for the rats, but it is unlikely to be re-aerosolized. It could be worse.

X will be relieved.


In the meantime, there are a great many injured and frightened people to provide for. There is also evidence to obtain.

X will find the person who did this.

And she will kill them.

It is a promise.

Elle will not let her do anything less.