Mar. 24th, 2013

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The trip to Detroit was useful, insofar as it left X with a name: Metzger. His location?

A seemingly under-funded lab in Madripoor.

X spends some time sending out inquiries to former colleagues and friends-of-friends -- the X-men get around. What information she receives she keeps track of, until she thinks she has something of a plan.

Then she strategizes with Elle. It only makes sense, and not taking back-up into a difficult situation can be stupid.

This is doubly so when the news confirms that X will be traveling into a riot zone. She could postpone the trip, but that would give Metzger time to get away. Provided he is not killed in the fighting.

Stranger things have happened.


One of those stranger things includes the fact that when X tracks Doctor Metzger down, he's dying, bedridden and swearing at her as soon as he recognizes her face.

She does not understand why his current condition is her responsibility, but that detail is hardly relevant to her mission.

He gives her the name of the man he worked for. Colcord. There is still more swearing.

She kills him before she leaves. Because he asks.


Tracking Colcord is a more difficult proposition. He is smart, he is canny, and he has friends in high places.

Fortunately X can listen with the best of them and, for short bursts, she is good at blending in.

It helps that very few of the people around her are paying much attention to anyone who isn't directly trying to kill them. Smoke from the fires also helps in concealment.

Their are rumors about people having contact with a man in a mask, supposedly the spokesman for the council of gang leaders that runs the city. The name Tyger is also thrown around, and X files it away. Just in case.

Eventually word reaches her of a meet between the masked man and a resesarch scientist. The scientist is Colcord.

X takes note of the time, then takes a detour to Milliways for back-up.

There is a great deal of work to be done.
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Stepping from Milliways into Madripoor is like moving from silence into chaos. The riots are still raging, and everywhere seems full of smoke, fire, the press of frantic bodies, and the sharp prickle of too many eyes watching.

"He has a meet scheduled nearby. Colcord. With a man in a mask."


"We will need to immobilize them both."
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